D&D Travel started as a part time hobby back in 1992 by Daphney & Donna, a dynamic mother-daughter team.

While working as a switchboard operator and receptionist for a hospital, Daphney was dreaming of traveling the world.  Every few years she would coordinate a group trip and together she and a few friends would explore a new part of the world.  Sometimes they would cruise and visit several new destinations.  One year, Daphney was working with a travel agent, Mr. Glover, who suggested she become a travel agent too – especially since she was already doing the most challenging and time consuming parts – the research, marketing and money management.

Donna was working on a degree in Computer Science.  She was the tech support of the family.  When Daphney asked her daughter for help in this new venture, Donna naturally agreed, and D&D Travel was born.

Since then, the pair have coordinated numerous Destination Weddings and weddings.  They have provided full transportation management services to Atlantic Records and several artists in the entertainment industry such as Plies, FloRida, Lupe Fiasco, TI, Gemini, Busta Rhymes, and Gucci Mane.  We have provided full 24 hour support to road warriors traveling from town to town on various marketing campaigns.  We have provided travel coordination services to Kanye West, Grand Hustle/TI, and Trey Songz.

So they know how to treat a celebrity…but here’s the thing – they consider ALL of their clients celebrities, and bring celebrity style service to you, WHILE looking out for your pocket.  They give you travel solutions of value making your destination dreams come true.


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